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Web Application Penetration Testing

Throughout the past 10 years, Web Applications have been primarily targeted as a means to break into an organization's network and steal confidential data. Headlines often reflect malicious attacks that successfully compromise thousands of credit cards, and the rate of occurrence of these issues are rising.

Through our Web Application Penetration Testing solution, you obtain a realistic view of your web application vulnerabilities and the exposures that can potentially compromise sensitive information. This process assesses the application from every aspect, from an unauthenticated user to an authorized application user. The following are only some of the areas that we focus on during the web application assessment:

  • PCI Compliance
  • Information Leakage
  • Session Management
  • Default Configurations
  • Encryption Strength Testing
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • SQL Injection
  • Link and Command Injection
  • Cross Site Request Forgery
  • Application and Business Logic
  • Proper Input Validation
  • Privilege Escalation Opportunities
  • Client Side Code
  • Server Side Input Validation

Properly securing your web applications will make a world of difference in your network security posture, and can be the only door between your organization and a malicious attacker. Our proven application security methodology will prove to be the most effective tool when moving toward securing your web applications.

Our Approach

External - An External/Unauthenticated Assessment of your web application gives a realistic view of what an attacker with a simple internet connection and no privileges would be able to access and exploit. This type of assessment is very limited and does not produce an accurate picture of the overall security posture of the application.

Internal - An Internal/Authenticated Assessment supplies you with a more thorough view of the application as it applies to a privileged user that has gained access to or authenticated to your application. This type of assessment is performed along with an External Assessment to give you an overall view of all the potential risks associated with your web application.