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Social Engineering

In order to have a solid security infrastructure, one would think that there has to be an emphasis on firewalls, anti-virus, intrusion detection systems, secure system configuration, and a 24 mixed character password.  However, the most overlooked and vulnerable areas of an organization are the employees.

Social engineering is designed to assess your organization in a number of different ways:

  • Employee awareness of corporate and personal security threats.
  • Threat Handling and Incident Response capabilities.
  • Physical Security policies and practices.
  • Information Leakage in everyday practices.
  • Effectiveness of Security Awareness Training.
  • Internal Patch Management Practices

The ability to coerce and persuade an employee to reveal sensitive information about themselves or the practices of the organization is the MOST effective attack vector to a malicious attacker, and almost always results in a total compromise of the organization and its information assets.

Through Social Engineering, Offensive Logic will assess your organization’s security awareness and incident response capabilities in the face of realistic threats.  From online social engineering to face-to-face persuasion, your organization will receive a realistic view of current security threats and how to protect against them.